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They are also in possession of Oregon under treaty stipulation between Britain and the United States.The Crows fled in great disorder, the Flat-Heads abandoning the pursuit only at sun-down, when they had driven the enemy two miles from their camp.These poor children, rescued from their destitute condition, and placed under the benign care of the kind Sisters, would enjoy the blessings of a Christian education, and become, one day, co-operators in the mission.

We soon sat by a blazing fire, and the storm that had pelted us all the way, lost its unpleasantness in the delightful society of my worthy host and his amiable wife.As soon as she commences what seems to her but pastime, the whole crowd of young furies surround her, howling and dancing.After six years in Oregon he was transferred to California, and died at Santa Clara, March 1, 1856.An annual Council composed of the Governor-General, chief factors and chief traders, is held at York Factory.The melting of the snow had occasioned a considerable freshet, and our descent was very rapid.I remain, with the greatest esteem and respect, recommending myself at the same time to your holy sacrifices and prayers.

In vain do her eyes wander from place to place, in order to find the evidences of a feast.The first lake of the Columbia is two miles and a half distant from the River des Arcs-a-plats, and receives a portion of its waters during the great spring freshet.The term Mount Pitt is now applied to a volcanic peak (altitude 9,760 feet) on the borders of Jackson County, Oregon, eight miles west of Klamath Lake.—.It is not feasible to identify all these affluents of the upper Athabasca.Our little squadron consisted of four canoes, manned by the parishioners of Mr.

Proceeding down the Columbia to Vancouver, Sir George visited California and Alaska, returning overland across Siberia, and reaching London after an absence of nineteen months.More than one hundred children were presented for baptism, and eleven old men borne to me on skins, seemed only awaiting regenerating waters, to depart home and repose in the bosom of their divine Saviour.The richest and best soil is found on the second or middle prairie, and is best adapted for agriculture, the high and low being excellent for pasture land.How often have we not seen gray-headed old men and even chiefs, sit down by the side of children ten or eleven years old, who would teach them their prayers, and explain to them the figures of the.I was told that the stock on these farms did not thrive so well as elsewhere.

A beautiful crystalline fountain issues from the centre of a perpendicular rock about five hundred feet high, and then pours its waters over the plain in foam and mist.They have succeeded very satisfactorily in the several parts of their undertaking.I procured an Indian canoe, well-mounted, and soon found myself during a thunder storm, in the great gap of the Cascade Mountains, through which the mighty Columbia winds its way.The month of April being the season for planting, is on that account selected for the offering of their abominable.Large herds of buffalo were seen on both sides of the river, and bears, deer and elks appeared at every bend, so that there is little danger of suffering from want at this season.Their simplicity, piety, charity, and especially their faith, were admirable.

In the eastern section, the buffalo abound, and are hunted by the Oregon Indians, as well as the Blackfeet.These are all small settlements, surrounded by palisades, with bastions at their corners, enclosing the houses and stores of the Company, sufficient to protect them against the Indians, but in no way to be considered as forts.The reindeer feed on a kind of white moss, and the paunch is considered delicious when the food is half digested.The soil yields abundant crops of wheat, oats and potatos — the rich prairie here is capable of supporting thousands of cattle.Fort Babine — during the first years called Fort Kilmaurs — was built in 1822 on the north bank of the lake of that name. Pierre C. Pambrum and William Connolly were the first traders in charge.We encamped nine miles lower down at a trading post held by two Canadians, where I baptized four children.And the second is, that no one of them is united in any one point with the Blue Mountains.It was located about a mile and a half above the mouth of the Clearwater, on the south bank of the Saskatchewan.Nosinan Wakwik ebiyin ape kitchitwa kitchilwa wenitamag kitinosowin, enakosiyin ape piyak kitewetako tipu wakwig, ape tepwetakon chote kig.

A band of about six hundred live on a reservation on Bow River near Morley, forty miles west of Calgary, not far from the region in which they were encountered by De Smet.—.This duty is entrusted to a class of men who are called partners, but who in fact receive certain portions of the annual.The missionary station on the Koos-koos-ke, near the western line of this section, is thought by the missionaries to be a wet climate.Thanks be to God, we can say, that the miraculous draught of St.Southern Roulette [Explicit]: C-Loc: MP3 Downloads Amazon. Go Unlimited to listen to Southern Roulette [Explicit] Southern Roulette [Explicit.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get.These are rendered firm by the powerful arms of the other savages, and her feet immediately fastened to the topmost of the three posts, which she had unconsciously cut and drawn to the fatal spot.

Early in the morning of Sunday, the 18th, the day on which the Assumption is celebrated here, we saw the.Four priests from Red River will soon find ample employment in the dreary regions of the Hudson Bay Territory.Having lighted it, he rises and gives a puff to each of the musicians without once slacking his hold from the pipe.The dining-hall is a spacious room on the second floor, ceiled with pine above and at the sides.Lakes and marshes being so numerous in this country, swans, geese, bustards, and ducks of various species, come hither in thousands during the spring and autumn.There, grouped around the fire, we partook of our evening meal.An enormous basket was fastened to a projecting rock, and the finest fish of the Columbia, as if by fascination, cast themselves by dozens into the snare.About 1852 the river was by private enterprise made navigable for some distance.—.

Strut definition, to walk with a vain, pompous bearing, as with head erect and chest thrown out, as if expecting to impress observers. See more.On such occasions, there is nothing better to be done than to form a rear guard, and, walk in the track of the predecessor.In a neighboring tribe I baptized fifty-seven persons, of whom thirty-one were adults.Many of the example programs do not strictly follow common Java programming idioms. chess requires an additional 450 lines of code.When the snows, after having accumulated on the mountains and their vicinity in consequence of extreme cold, begin to melt, and the heavy rains supervene, the plains around are covered with water, and sometimes considerable damage is caused by the inundation.After the second High Mass, all the adults, with the chiefs at their head, presented themselves in the church to receive baptism, the fulfilment of their longing desires.The boy must have shot the arrow with enormous force, for it entered under the lower left rib, the barb passing out under the right shoulder, leaving nothing.